The Forwarding Tab

The Forwarding Tab

The Forwarding Tab is where "port forwards" can be setup.

Screenshot of the Forwarding tab.

Port Forwarding Rules: is the list of existing forwarding rules. A new rule can be created with the New Rule button. The currently selected rule can be deleted with the Delete Rule button. The currently selected rule is highlighted and shown below in the Original Destination and New Destination areas.

Original Destination

This section specifies which port should be redirected and forwarded to the new destination. Port: specifies which port and protocol should be forwarded. The protocol is either TCP of UDP and the port is in the range 0 to 65535.

IP Address: specifies which IP address the forwarding rule applies to. The forwarding rule is only applied when a packet's destination IP address, port and protocol match. Normally the destination IP address is just one belonging to the machine that Guidedog is running on. By specifying a different IP address in the Specify: field, Guidedog can also redirect and forward packets that are not actually destined for the current machine. But only if the packets are routed through the Guidedog machine.

New Destination

This section specifies where forwarded packets should be redirected to.

Port: in the New Destination box specifies the new destination port for any packets that match this forwarding rule.

Packets can be redirected to current machine or to another IP address using the IP Address: radio-buttons in the New Destination box, and the Specify: field.

Comment Field

Each forwarding rule can have a comment entered in the Comment: field. The comment is displayed in the Port Forwarding Rules: list and is just used to organise and label the rules.

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