Hairy Watchdog


"Keeping an eye on your bad network neighbours."


by Simon Edwards < >


24 November, 2001 - No real news, just a note to say that Watchdog doesn't work with Linux 2.4 kernels. Support is planned of course. The Watchdog project is alive, but sleeping. All of my development time is going to Guarddog at the moment. Once Guarddog version 2.0 is released I intend to give Watchdog some much needed attention. - SBE

17 January, 2001 - 0.1.2 Initial developer release and start of News section. - SBE


Watchdog is a real time firewall monitor. It monitors the system log for firewall log messages generated by a running firewall.

Watchdog is being developed for KDE 2 on Linux under the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL).

Please note that Watchdog is not a firewall itself. It simply monitors the logs generated by any ipchains based firewall that is running on your system. To form a more complete firewall 'solution' you will also need to install and setup an ipchains firewall. An easy to use ipchains based firewall that I can recommend is Guarddog.

Online Manual

Sorry, no manual yet..


Watchdog currently has the following features:

It is very much in the development stage at the moment.


Warning: Only a development version is available at the moment. It is not suitable for anyone except programmer/developer types. :-)

Tar ball

Devel 0.1.2: watchdog-0.1.2.tar.gz ~423Kb
Sample log file to load into the viewer samplepacketlog.txt

Change Log

* January 17th 2001 Simon Edwards <>

0.1.2 Initial developer release.


Event Viewer

"Real time event viewing"


"Configurable enough"